My models

If only you would know how much of my life I've spent building models... That's why this page is so important. I suggest that you should download all photos (each is 640x480 pixels large), use them as background images or as wallpaper in your office or at home.
The blocks contain my models in the order I have completed them, starting with the latest. The type of the model is followed by the manufacturer, the article No. and the scale in brackets.

Military vehicles


Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. L, Sd. kfz. 141/1 (Tamiya, 35215, Eduard photo-etched parts, 35145, 1:35)
This is my latest model. A detailed description of its building is available in Hungarian. Sorry for not translating it. You will also find many more photos there. (112kB, 101kB, 88kB, 90kB, 80kB)

Flak 37, 8.8 cm (Tamiya, 35017, Eduard photo-etched parts, 35118, 1:35)
This is one of the most detailed models I've ever built. For the first time of my life I used photo-etched parts and a compressor for my airbrush. Although the Flak isn't perfect, I'm really proud of it. I didn't waste any time on the figures, because I think they are of poor quality, much worse than the gun itself. A photo of my Flak was published in Modell és Makett Magazin (1999/4). (114kB, 104kB, 112kB, 94kB, 97kB)

Zündapp KS750 (Tamiya, 35017, 1:35)
Although it is sold with the Flak 37, I treated it as a separate model. For this reason its camouflage colour differs from that of the AA gun. To show its dimensions it was put on a phone card for the shot. (100kB)

BMW R75 with side car (Tamiya, 35016, 1:35)
Kettenkraftrad, Sd. kfz. 2 (Tamiya, 35029, 1:35)
Before I started building them, I had already decided to place them into a diorama. The base of the diorama isn't my work, I bought it in a model shop. This was the first time I had managed to paint every detail in its real colour, without any mistakes. At that time I was quite proud of this feat... Completing one figure took six hours of work on average. Nowadays it would last considerably longer because I tend to paint figures more and more accurately and in more detail. (184kB, 140kB, 117kB, 115kB)

Horch 1a (Tamiya, 35105, 1:35)
Flak 38, 2 cm (Tamiya, 35105, 1:35)
They're not that bad, but they are not very splendid models, too. (126kB, 116kB, 124kB; 112kB)

Brummbär, Sturmpanzer IV, Sd. kfz. 166 (Tamiya, 35077, 1:35)
That's an early work of mine. Unfortunately it shows why you shouldn't choose camouflage painting, if you haven't got an airbrush. (129kB)

Jagdpanther, Jagdpanzer V, Sd. kfz. 173 (Tamiya, 35069, 1:35)
My second model. Since I built it in the evenings, even when I was tired, it is of quite a poor quality. (120kB)

Schwimmwagen, Kfz. 1/20 (Tamiya, 35003, 1:35)
This was my very first model. Once I gave it to one of my modeller friends, and he disassembled it. Therefore I don't have any photos of it.

United States of America

M4A1 Sherman (Esci-ERTL, 8308, 1:72)
It's very small, I find it very cute. I had problems with the painting, finally it is a little different from what I had planned, but it is still quite good. I built its engine, too. Don't forget that this model is no longer than eight centimetres! (92kB, 93kB, 91kB)

M5A1 (Tamiya, 35097, 1:35)
This M5A1 is the first tank model I have painted with an airbrush. Note the camouflage net, I love it. (90kB, 84kB, 90kB, 91kB, 86kB)


Jeep, Special Air Service (Tamiya, 35033, 1:35)
I've built this kit twice. Since I wasn't satisfied with the first version, once I disassembled the Jeep, removed the paint with thinner and reassembled the whole thing. I don't have digital photos of the former model. But Version 2.0 is absolutely worth a look! (97kB, 91kB)

6-Pounder anti-tank gun (Tamiya, 35005, 1:35)
To tell the truth, it isn't among my best models. Neither the original kit, nor my work is really noteworthy. But if you are not critical, you might find the scene of the diorama - the firing gun - interesting. (127kB)

Chevrolet 30 cwt, Long Range Desert Group (Tamiya, 35092, 1:35)
This is the only model that I bought with my mother. Yes, she doesn't really like my hobby. Unfortunately as years went by, all tyres tore on the wheels. It is not by chance that it doesn't show on the picture. The reason for that is I don't want you to associate me with blown tyres later on. (123kB)

M3 Grant Mk I (Tamiya, 35041, 1:35)
I built this model at my grandparents'. It took only one day to assemble the kit. All the paintwork, except the black colour of the rubber-tyred road wheels, was done at home. Never treat an innocent model like this! (127kB)

Soviet Union

T-34/76 ChTZ (Tamiya, 35149, 1:35)
The winter camouflage scheme is the thing that I like the most about this model. Maybe the figures should have been omitted as it is unlikely that anyone enjoys staying out of the vehicle in the legendary Russian winter. (107kB, 113kB, 106kB)

T-34/76 (Tamiya, 35059, 1:35)
In Hungary, the country where I live, T-34 is probably the most well-known tank type. Although this model isn't a masterpiece, it is a reproduction of a classic fighting vehicle. (119kB)


These models, with the only exception of the Henschel, were built quite long ago. What's more, they're not tanks. In spite of these facts, I collected them together to show you how many models I had ever assembled.

Aeroplanes, helicopters

Henschel HS-126 (Italeri, 109, 1:72, German)
This model was a guinea-pig because it was my first kit that was painted with an airbrush. I painted its left and right sides a little differently as I was testing my airbrush.

P-51D Mustang (Academy Minicraft, 4417, 1:144, US)
This was unimportant work. I threw it away a very long time ago.

Mitsubishi A6M3 (Tamiya, 61025, 1:48, Japanese)
It is one of my mediocre models. Its plain design is what I like about the plane.

Saab Jas-39 Gripen (Revell, ?, 1:144, Swedish)
Once it was thrown out, just like the Mustang. This was crude indeed.

Mil Mi-28 Havoc (Italeri, 176, 1:72, Soviet)
The original Italeri kit has an amazingly poor quality. I suppose it is because the model was designed at a time when little information was available on the Havoc. I think that my model is not much worse than the intact kit was. This Havoc hung in our kitchen for years.

Mil Mi-17 (Italeri, 021, 1:72, Soviet)
I remember I had problems with fixing the rotors so they were hanging in an improbable way. Because there was nothing to lose, me and my brother experimented with the kit a lot. For example, we painted it white so that it became a UN helicopter. After a while it was in such a bad shape that we threw it out.

Motor cycles

Yamaha YZR500 (OW70) (Tamiya, 14038, 1:12)
The only reason for assembling a motorbike was to show my brother that he wasn't better at building them than me. The right side of the cycle wasn't painted so that the engine could be seen through the transparent cowling.