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Currently, I'm looking for a new job where I can use the breadth of my skills and knowledge to the greatest extent, and where my work has the greatest utility, be it in fundamental research or through employment in the life sciences, in financial services or in engineering.
Research interests:
The interfaces of mathematical (esp. probabilistic) modelling, stochastic processes, chemical reaction kinetics, systems biology, control theory, operations research. I seek novel possibilities how these can be applied to develop quantitative methods for research in the life sciences. I'm also interested in making a positive societal impact with my research, and I'm open to being contacted with interesting project ideas for consultation.
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  1. Bence Mélykúti, Peter Pfaffelhuber
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    Stochastic Models, 31(4), 525-553, 2015. External link | PDF | arXiv:1401.6400 [math.PR], 2015. External link
  2. Bence Mélykúti, João P. Hespanha, Mustafa Khammash
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    Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 11(97), 20140054, 2014. External link | PDF, S1 (PDF), S2 (Mathematica notebook), S3 (Mathematica notebook)
  3. Bence Mélykúti, Kevin Burrage, Konstantinos C. Zygalakis
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  5. István Miklós, Bence Mélykúti, Krister Swenson
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